Thursday, September 04, 2008

Boing! Crazy lights and free solar powered ice cream.

There's so much internet on the internet!

I just submitted this about the Light Project (receptoin today 6-9!) to Boing Boing --- will it get submitted?

Who cares! I live here! I get to go, and not just look at it on a computer. Bonus for me.

Saw your article about the death of bohemia in the West Village, and thought you might be interested in it's rebirth in the Saint Louis.

Light-inspired art in a burgeoning art district in North Downtown St. Louis.

It's a collaboration between a lot of artists, art galleries and all things artsy. Many of your readers may be surprised/delighted/shocked to find such cool things going on in the 2nd most dangerous city in the USA. Being from St. Louis, I for one am not surprised, but I am delighted!

For pretty visuals, Check out the lit up buckets in scaffolding "Untitled" by Jason Peters

and the church roof (the church's roof was destroyed when it caught fire in a electrical storm and has been left vacant for years) colorfully and vibrantly reconstructed from donated lamps by Ranier Kehres and Sebastian Hungerer

"The initiative is motivated by a commitment to the arts and an interest in social and urban revitalization, beginning with our own...neighborhood..."

It starts today.

Also, free ice cream made by solar power until October for folks visiting the projects in the afternoon.
cool, huh?

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