Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee commute

Man! I would consider taking the midnight train to get to this. 

From the urban studio cafe, whose fuscia and marigold paintjob I miss...


Hello, friends! We know you are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the Urban Studio Cafe, but in order for this to happen, we need YOUR help! 

We are currently in the finalist round of THE LARGEST SOCIAL ENTERPRISE COMPETITION IN THE WORLD, the S.E.I.C.  If we win, we will receive enough operating capital to open our doors. However, some of the judges are concerned that not enough people would be willing to come to a cafe in Old North St. Louis. 


We know that if we build it, you will come, but we must convince these judges. So here's the plan.  We are having a photo shoot on Saturday, March 14 from 10 am to noon. Stop by for a few minutes, get your picture taken and be a part of our ad campaign that says YES! I DO LIVE/VISIT/WORK IN OLD NORTH AND I LOVE COFFEE/TEA/HOT COCOA!!!

Thanks!!! We can't wait to see you on Saturday!!!

(Contact Claire Wolff at for any questions)
hi, phil. 
I actually had a great time at the Urban Studio cafe a year ago when I first met four-eyes up there. 
I guess it's appropriate that an internet blip from a fellow KA winner would remind me that I miss writing and oughta get back to it (first step - resolve shared/stolen/broken internet problem at apartment!) even though I live in Chicago, & thus have a radically and ridiculously altered worldview. 

The move has shaken up some loose things, rearranging them in an intriguingly weird, but useful way.  I *think.* We'll see. You can take the girl out of the mississippi river valley, but you can't take the MRV out of the girl! Proverbial.

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