Monday, April 12, 2010

Miss White Went to Washington

Just got back from DC for a visit to my sister and a round of visits for work. It was nice! We frolicked around and found a field to flip in (very important) and I have discovered that though I can still do a backbend from standing up, I can no longer do a left handed one armed cartwheel!

So I gotta get on that.

Also just got back from Florida - I returned with a tan (YES) and with my guitar (yay!). Have to sing/play a song for my cousin's wedding in June. Good luck to me. In the meantime, a friend of a friend of a friend etc.... is going to St. Louis in about a week and I HAVE to get on the ball giving them recommendations! It's an epic task in my brain b/c I want to craft for them the PERFECT weekend in vacation for a family from new york with 2 kids. I'll do it (also, they'll have a car, so that's a big bonus!) I might make them go to Cahokia to watch the sunset over the arch b/c that is such a WOW moment and you like feel the earth and it's totally clear why Cahokia was such a happenin' place b/c its just so magical.

Off to find a place for my guitar and its stand. Really really glad that music is back.

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