Monday, January 09, 2012

My humidifier is mad elegant


Naoki Dieter said...

That certainly is an elegant humidifier! Anyone could have mistaken this as a stylish centerpiece at home. But maybe it can serve both purposes! You can humidify the air inside your property, and have a stylish d├ęcor that will add beauty to your home. :)

Launce  Newlove said...

I have to say that your humidifier is really beautiful! ;) And I have to agree with Naoki. That humidifier could really serve as a glitzy and unique centerpiece! It not just increases the humidity, but it enhances the beauty of your room as well. It adds ambiance and interior design to your room.

Brooke Harris said...

Humidifiers come in a wide variety of cool designs these days. Actually, I’ve seen a lot of designs in the past months. There was a wool ball-type, a mini chimney, something tear-drop shaped and even a portable humidifier. And do you know what the all have in common? They all look awesome!

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