Sunday, November 13, 2005

"It doesn't matter if I care, karma cares!"

Ok, so I'm feeling better now.
I think karma is seemed to care this weekend, in mysterious ways.
Spent last friday night at Mississippi Nights.

My second time in 4 days - wasn't as good as Monday's, I didn't feel like I was on drugs. STill, how much of a band girl am I? I guess I always have been, especially in middle school when I had nothing better to do. You know how Matilda moved things with her eyes? I was like, trying to get really good CDs. This hobby, much like matilda's, faded a little after I was challenged more academically, but I still hang onto it anyway. In retrospect, I sortof wish I'd channeled that energy into concert piano, or even marathon running, perhaps even ballet, but for some reason that didn't happen (doesn't mean it won't, i'm only 23 and no longer academically challenged).

I wanted to take my 12 year old 2nd cousin, but I think she had what's known as a 7th grade mood swing brought on by too much homework, not enough sleep, and crazy cracked-out hormones. I wanted to take her away from herself for a night for some great rock music, but I think she just wanted to sleep...its sortof the same difference, though - and we have a raincheck, which I solidified with a CD of songs in french, including the entire french dubbing of The Little Mermaid. I have a feeling that her dad, my cousin, will want to get his hands on that, as he's taking french, too. Maybe I should tell him they should learn kiss the girl (embrasse-la) or Under the Sea (Sous l'ocean) and perform it for me...father-daughter bonding (always hard in middle school and on) and entertainment for me. Maybe I'll just make Dr. Scott perform Part of your world (partir la-bas) so me and Emily, his daughter, my 2nd cousin, can laugh it up.
Anyway, I ended up going to the concert not alone, which was pretty awesome, and then ended up with 3 friends and a friend's girlfriend (who's like a friend, b/c girlfriends must be included, its only right - and I've totally had some laughs with her)! Like whoa, I was expecting a solitary night of me and the music, which actually is pretty awesome, to tell the truth.
Anyway, we'll return to that later.
Ok GO was as amazing as I remember, though much more fashionable.

They once rapped to me in the street.
I do not lie.
They actually rapped to me and janna b/c we were fly ladies who were hanging out after the phantom planet concert that OK Go opened for. This concert was when phantom planet was still more popular than Maroon, throwback, y'all. Like, at the meet and greet I asked how they were doing, adn one guy said he'd give Jesse Carmicheal a hug for me...I was like, hm, not so great then. But look at'em now! I hope jesse gets some stardust, there's more to maroon 5 than Adam Levine, though he is a whole lotta delish. Anyway, OK go were tshirt and jeans kind-of-guys then. Now they like, sortof dress like Charles Dickens (which is suprisingly fetching...who am I kidding, its the opposite of suprising - I love ties, and I own a million, just about, and I would wear them like, everyday, but I feel weird dressing - every day - how I would want my boyfriend to dress - plus, I'm not K.d lang).

Their rap - which I do believe you can download off of something on the darker side of the internet - went a little like this:

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock! WHat a lovely combination!
Boys and girls, what a lovely combination!
Diamonds and pearls, what a lovely combination!

and so on.

Janna and I swooned to their sweet sweet rhymes, and wondered, as so many girls often do - if the lead singer was gay. I think I have a bajilion things signed by them, now that I think of it, b/c it was just like, me, janna, Ok GO, and 20 14 year olds on the street that october night - the 17th, I believe...possibly the it was Sept 10th! I remember b/c on the subway back some people were all freaking out b.c it was the anniversary of 9-11, and we were like, good concerts and life goes on.

Plus, I'd gotten to meet Max from Rushmore.

Anyway, at the post-Tale of Two Cities makeover show of OK Go, I think I literally bounced up and down for 3 hours straight.
Bitches be sore, y'all!

How can people not dance at concerts? What do they do instead?

I had a weekend of random conversation snippets with random people and it was qutie George Bailey-esque for me. One of these convos included me lamenting the lack of dancing...and I was saying that I could understand standing still with your arms crossed fpr hours in other situations, and that even I...but then i was like, hello! I never stand still with my arms crossed!
Like, I never do that. I'm too ebullient, I just am. My glee manifests itself in movement. WHy are people freaked out by that? I refuse to tone down my bubbliness -when I want to bubble, I bubble...b/c life's to serious as it is.
Back to begging the question, "why stand still at a concert?" - even at a party where I'm trying to act like I'm better than everyone else, I don't do it for longer than 3 minutes, which is under the length of even a song!
Not even at the airport....its the opposite of natural for me.
My friend agreed, and she's coming to mississippi nights with me over christmas break - I invited her mom, and I think she should come, too. Why should young people have all the fun, and get to do all the jumping?
I love that girl (her mom's cool, too), and she's so encouraging and hopeful for me, I hope I've done the same for her at some point in the 15+ years I've known her...its really only fair.
I was just thinking about how you have to be a sortof renegade if you want to be positive and do good in this world/my circle of friends/family/aquaintances, and this occured to me :
If I ever get another cat, I'm going to name it Renegade...or Captain Von Trapp. For some reason, Bubbles (my cat) just didn't seem to have the necessary countenatnce to be named Captain Von Trapp.

Anyway, found out this weekend that I turned a pal of mine onto Elvis Costello...same pal who told me a few weeks ago that I'd introduced him to Phantom Planet...may all just be a flash in the pan for that fella, but for me, i'm like, someone listened and liked it! Phantom planet, suuure, they're asy enough to love, but to continue to like elvis on a know-the-lyrics basis? I don't know, but the whole elvis thing -- a super heart-wrenching big deal. I just remember how grateful I was to have a little costello in my life - to know that I gave him to someone else, well its awesome, and I don't think what I'm saying ia a bit cheesy. I hope the albums found him at the perfect time, like they found me. It was like they were written for me the day before I listened to them, the tracks - especially from Costello's first 3 albums. I have one particularly charismatic high school teacher to thank for that.
Whatever, pat on the back for me for being awesome and not even knowing it.

I had weird dreams last night. I only remember 2/3.
Weirdest: I was like, supervising a sleepover of 9 year olds in the basement of the Kirkwood Crestwood youth theatre, and we were chatting it up about boys, make-up, etc...and there were all these guys (from my past, I think) showing up and like, oogling over my boobs, until finally one particularly rotten egg from the days of yore shows up. I end up really reading him the riot act, and then some, and he gets all mad and friend-breaks up with me b/c I was like, talking about how I liked him or something and how he was so annoying a million years ago and still is, etc... typical why are you a tool sort of girl v/s guy yelling. Anyway, I was all upset and this 9 year old made fun of me and I gave it right back to her. It was then that I realized I had no reason tobe upset, and that I'd lashed out against a 9 year old. Weird.
Weird-ish: I was at grad school at Columbia in NY, and I was trying to get to commencement. APparently, if you "turn left at the Indian" at any graduation ceremony ANYWHERE, you will get to commencement ceremonies and where you should sit. I ended up at an estrucian (an ancient people, much like mesopotamians) excavation site that used to be much more rustic (ti was in one of my other dreams, supposedly) but was now a museum of sorts. I remember remarking to I think my mom and dad, "my, how far the estrucian excavation site has come!" ANyway, it was next to this circus arena with a really pretty victorian theatre facade...i think in another dream I'd amost gotten in a fatal accident here with some circus equiptment. ANyway, it was much nicer now and there was a lot of hustle and bustle. Did I mention that Columbia univerisy was sortof located on the Greek Isles? Like, I think I saw some parthenon-esque structure on top of a hill, towards which I may've been trying to go. There were lots of roling green hills, cliffs and glistening blue seas - i know that much. I also know that I would not ask for directions, nor woud I call Liz, b/c I'd asked her for directions before and I was not about to ask again. I went to the indian a lot more times, and looking back, I think I turned right instead of left. I wasn't really worried though. And that was the end of that.

ANd I forgot the other one! But it was weird.
The break-up dream was super weird - the whole boob angle, not really getting that - but it was very emotionally weighty. Probably ties into my having been so boy-crazy this last couple of days.

I clearly need to just start exersizing again. I remember I used to be plagued by my own thoughts in New Hampshire, but then I started running 3miles every morning and it was like clarity had finally found me - all despite my wicked unrequited crush on a camp counselor with a heart of gold, I held out rather well! It felt very dramatic and romantic, trying to literally run from love that I knew wasn't chasing me.

Ok, I'm done turning phrases for the night - its been real!

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