Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Marc Broussard - LEGIT

Hey y'all, its been a while!

I havn't been posting b/c my life got sortof mundane for a while there after I did NOT get to be the next kelly clarkson. Not yet at least. For now, its just strictly karaoke until I get (a LOT) better at guitar and piano - since none of my instrument-playing friends will ever let me sing for/with them, and for that I think, you know who you are, they are very lame - and then I'll blow some fish out of the water.

Until that day comes, I'll just go on singing Dear Diary, I'm not a Girl..., Tribute and other requests to my favorite non-instrumentalists.

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about.

I went alone to a concert last night - something that I havn't really done since my swing dancing days (which aren't over, despite the whole foot-death thing - which is a whole 'nother story, as they say) and IT WAS AMAZING, and I don't think my life will ever be the same.

I got there late, b/c I had no money and was trying to find that AND someone to accompany me on my pilgrimage...luckily I found money, but I found no compatriots.
But no matter! I had on a really really cute outfit, the well wishes of my out of town homies, and had enough dough to park close so I wouldn't get attacked by creepy Mississippi River people.
And those who had a shot at greatness are sorry they missed out on 2 hours of joy...as well as for losing mega points with me.
Never turn down Mississippi Nights, hello!!!? Its always guaranteed to be ridiculously obscuretastic...and on a weeknight? Even better!

(I'm writing this at work, so if it sounds choppy, its b/c i have to keep on switching to Outlook so as not to blow my cover...but I'm not getting paid, so its a fine line between me not caring and not caring at all - still, its good to keep appearances)

Anyway, kids.
The opening band to the opening band i missed. I caught some poseur connecticutians, The Alternative Route, trying to be a nashville band - their slow songs were deliciously bluesy and verging on soulful, but something (i think it was the bass) was just missing. The drummer was also really stuck on using only one rhythm - so much you noticed, "hey, he's only using one rhythm." This is not good. The rest of the songs were like, blah blah, interesteing line, blah - even though the lead singer did have quite the voice and a pretty connecticut preppy face. I was like, hello, when can I dance to some sweet bayou music.
(FYI: To get to my dad's/my family's farm, you have to cross The Bayou, where there are totally trees swinging in the breeze and logs adrift, just like you'd imagine. Across from the Bayou is the Bennett's General store - only building for miles, where my dad's vagabond-with-a-heart-of-gold friend lives with his dad, whom everyone calls, "Brother." I might be mixing up some of this, but I want to paint a picture here of the small part of me that is really feelin' the bayou vibes.)
I danced with some old ladies on the last song of the Alternative Route, and it was joyful enough.

Then we're waiting for marc. He comes on and looks like my cousin trevor with sortof a jack black lookin' face. Interesting combo - duly noted.
Anyway, he starts playing and like, doesn't stop for 2 hours! Each song goes into the next, and he does these cool little seawalk-esque dances that I can just see him doing with his little buddies on the streets of Louisiana when he was 5.
Why did me and my friends play "mother may I" and wiffleball when we were 5??? WHYYYY!? We could've been studying blues guitar and doing some funky dancing on the streets together, yar!
Marc Broussard, for those of you that aren't as in the know as I, had a random free download on itunes, and yes, I downloaded it and loved it, but didn't bother to buy the cd, though the song kept on being so appropriate to all my playlists. My sister says it is a good song for walking down the street, & feelin' good.

About a school year later I saw this video on VH1 (I know, it was late at night - like really late) and i was like, oh man, that is so good, those people partying on the bayou -- and it was none other than marc broussard! So then I saw he was at mississippi nights and I had not moved to new york and it was fate. We were destined to meet on the Mississippi, as only two mississippi people can! Through some sweet soul music!


Did I mention that he wears hats?

Anyway, the music has all these cool breaks that are so well timed that you can't breathe during them and the basist and lead guitarist were blowing my mind. And no, I was not distracted by the drummer doing the same rhythm over and over again. The music and marc himself were like, al green meets maroon 5 meets gavin degraw meets james brown meets stevie wonder meets CCR meets the band that plays the theme song from the 80's tv show, Night Court.
Only like, a million times better.
I found myself in outbursts of screaming and stuff. It was wonderful!

Though my love for marc will not soon end, I'm going to finish this up in the interest of making something up for myself to do at my internship.

My reccomendation for you is to go pay your $17 and get Marc Broussard's album, Carenco (something along those lines) and get in touch with your inner bayou, b/c bayous will never not be cool.

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