Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Online citizen journalists are on the front lines of reculturing forgotten cities like StL, Detroit, (Memphis, NoLa...you know I was going there) etc...so much in the same way we all became obsessed with the finer nuances of Never Gonna Give you Up....so can we come to realize that Rock and Roll was born in st. louis. Ike Turner AND Chuck Berry. !

Wherefore and whence cometh? Well, a lot of time on the bus. Also, a friend of mine wanted to have a St. Louis themed party and claimed (though he didn't really mean it, he was just being thought-provoking, I'm sure - bless him for living in Chicago and being a St. Louisan) that St. Louis didn't have commoditizable culture. I disagree, but it's time to think about it a little more, eh? And come up with some good ones, b/c they're there. In a real-life and online world of sharable objects, what does st. louis have to share? Isn't that what the web's about --- crystalizing experience into awesome little sharable  nuggets so we all feel that Vonnegutian solitary-beam-of-light humanity (that was so amazingly portrayed in the NEW STAR TREK-don't -get-me-started-it-was-awesome*)? 

*actually do get me started I could talk about it for hours

There are less interesteing sharable nuggets than rock and roll saw it's genesis because of your city's culture...("Chuck! It's your cousin, Marvin! Marvin Berry!")...and no culture's dead when there's someone with a blog (navel gaze! sorry) to give a crap.  Share that nugget.  Reculture our city, life's just one big theme party anyway.

Think Outside The Arch

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