Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking myself seriously

i got good luck
I'm at the Atlas Cafe (best turkey sandwich i have EVER EATEN EVEReverever) attempting to work, but wanted to touch base briefly.

Still don't quite have internet connection at apartment (working on it).

I was taking a Twitter work hiatus today when I was struck be@benjaminreese's tweet
"Okay, so I was up all night working on concepts and proposals with @heynathan @crushlovely - sorry for being out of the loop. #buriedinwork"

and I'm not gonna lie (and I told him myself) I was JEALOUS.

Jealous in a nice, thought-provoking way, though (thanks, ben - a wake up call of shoulda had a v8 proportions!). Realizing that taking yourself seriously and actually making sh*t happen is not from without. as a wise man once said, the magic is in you.

Which of course means I have to take up my pal on that $1 bet to write a song or write a story (the song one's on ME and I will win this dollar).

Digressing. I *love* St. Louis and my mississippi river valley b/c being there, DOING there always felt so god damn purposeful. (Cementland dances a soft-shoe in my waking dreams) Sure, I live, working for a batch of former i-bankers, in a town that is more or less "complete" to me -- at least in terms of having a working eco-system (and a job market, touche ok? touCHE). I like that, but what I miss is that blank slate St. Louis had. That NOLA has. Memphis is having a startup weekend starting tomorrow. Ah! All I want is to get enough experience and money and whatever that X factor is that no one probably figures out ever except maybe Paul McCartney and return from this exile. arg!

On that note though, I return to my concepts, to my proposals, to blogging about neighborhoods and 2.whatevers, and the interviews! oh the interviews! unwilling to insidiously self-edit and apply ROI to my own frickin' life. To my LIFE! I could go on and I should and I will, but I'm returning briefly to the bread and butter, bringing home the bacon (2 for one last night at Jewel BTW) and frying it up in the pan. (and as my mom suggested, we'll take out that part about how that shows that you're really a man -- or maybe we'll leave it in. Or maybe the judester just made that up. Either ways, it all works, really.)

I can't help but think I may be stealing a little bit of magical inspiration-thunder from my pal Blythe, whose birthday is today and whose blog is private (boo), and who (in a wonderful festschrift-esque letter to me before I left for europe that was well, Pretty Much Amazing) once advised me to be my own doppelganger. I'm trying Blythe! Even in Chicago.

Magic feathers!

I *AM* able to briefly and slightly clandestinely keep my tumblr up to date. Check there for the baby seeds of this blog - follow me, heart me, I'm a pinball wizard and there is no twist. I really love my tumblr and will show it to my sons and daughters when they're 26. If you like this blog-extendo version, you'll like you some Lolololori tumblr. Just FYI!!!


Anonymous said...
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Phil Novara said...

I truly enjoy your writing...keep up the blog and STL dreaming, I will try to visit back here regularly...

Phil Novara

Lolololori said...

Gee thanks, glad you found me, come around whenever you can! And thanks.

p.s. Have you ever been to Novara (that is your last name!) -- it's the cutest town ever, my good friend's from there. :)

Anonymous said...
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