Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Interviews comin' up

So I've always been really into (in case you haven't noticed...ahem) the mythical, imminent convergence of the great cities along the mississippi into a "mega region." It's gonna happen in the next 5 years, just wait.

So, now I get to talk to people about it. This is truly wonderful. First up, the venerable Chris Schultz of New Orleans' Voodoo Ventures. He recently posted about a tipping point that's been happening in Louisiana ...

I was having the conversation on Friday night about if we are getting close to a tipping point here in New Orleans and in Louisiana with regards to technology and startup culture. As I’ve been talking about for a while, we need an ecosystem. Entrepreneurs need to know one-another and they need to know whats going on. We need organizations and a government that support startups. Its happening right now.

Don't ya think that's interesting? I'll be sending him questions soon (and posting them soon-ish), so if you've got some questions about startups, technology, social media, gumbo or humidity (or perhaps you'd like to discuss the better merits of dixieland trombone, or the best way to have a crawfish boil...or maybe you'd like to ask him just what it DOES mean to miss new orleans.) ...he may have some insight for ya.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing different kinds of people hang out in real life, thus my enthusiasm for barcamps, coworking, and bar-hopping -- reminds me...were you at the record spin? b/c yeah, it was like that, so maybe you should've COME! ---so hey, the time is now for this site to be a place for me to bring all the people that I think should meet -- in REAL life -- to meet in the almost real life of the Mississippi River Valley Girl blog.

I've emailed Dick Fleming of the The St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association (RCGA)-- so here's hoping he takes a break from his busy remarkably connecting and pod-casting schedule to answer some questions, too.

Stay posted. Send questions! Send suggestions. It's Fine in '09!


Adam S. said...

So how come your mega-region doesn't include Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Lolololori said...

maybe that's overly mega? StL and Minneapolis are culturally like, whoa different. Maybe it's just me, though!

Anonymous said...
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