Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Petition Will Ask City to Cede Land for Homeless Camp

From the RFT -- St. Louis - Stlog - Petition Will Ask City to Cede Land for Homeless Camp

Adding flame to the (inside my head) fire that St. Louis is really like the Village in the 80's. Doubt me? Check in to the film 200 Cigarettes (especially when they're "past avenue B") and/or the part of RENT where everyone's protesting to keep "Tent City" ... indulge me briefly.
Benny, that attitude toward the homeless is exactly what
Maureen is protesting. Maureen is protesting losing her
performance space, not my attitude.

CIose-up: Benjamin Coffin III.
Our ex-roommate who married Allison Grey
of the Westport Greys. His father-in-law bought
severaI buildings on the block and a nearby vacant Iot,
home to Tent City.

I'm not a RENT head, and I'm not trying to torture you via outdated musical theatre and odd parallel worlds...but think about this. Substitute some words and what have you got? If you're a friend or a rando reader (which means you're a friend, sorta!)...let me know what you think. Blythe? Weigh in! Is STL just NYC but 25 years ago? What's that mean?

Also like, check old newspapers about NYC in the 80s (when it was "scary") and valid sources and whatnot b/c that's *maybe* better than a movie only you and your High School friends watch and a musical.

I'm right, though.


Anonymous said...

Funny that I came across this, Just got done reading this article (actually the author has a couple great articles) about homelessness. I definitely have a new found respect for homeless people, and new support. http://homelesstales.com/2009/01/life-as-a-homeless-crack-addict/

Lolololori said...

Thanks for the link, I'm glad you came my way! The power of outside the box thinking (especially in respect to such a marginalized group) sure is something, and worthwhile.

Nothing's black and white, is it? It just takes a little more energy to see the grey.

Anonymous said...
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