Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Top 5 People who have changed my life through dance

So for a while there I was in a musical (High Fidelity, the musical, to be exact), and I blogged about it. In an effort to share all that subjective goodness, I'm going to re-post some of those old posts here. Just b/c I read them recently, and hey, they're relevant. Be warned. It's youtube time.

Straight from June 21st, 2008...the Top 5 People who have changed my life through Dance

…in no particular order.

1. Paula Abdul

2. Robin Berger of Leaping Lizards Dance Studio

3. Britney Spears
ps it is a BLESSING that such as site as The Briney Vault exists.

4. Fatima Robinson (choreographer of Dreamgirls)

5. Frankie Manning (old school lindy hopper from the 30’s I met when I was 16 at the CASA LOMA BALLROOM)



Don't get me started, there's more youtube out there. I will refrain.

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