Thursday, January 08, 2009

50 people, 1 question

By the end of today...

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

ht blake and voodooventures


Jeff said...

I like the idea. But the editing of this drives me crazy. Too much build up, with not enough pay off. I found myself scanning through the first several minutes, just too see if anyone was ever going to talk. Couldn't make it through the entire thing.

Lolololori said...

Really? The beginning is my favorite part. It has that whole beauty in the mundane, celebration for being human vibe to me.

I like it how they give a Hollywood build up to everyday people wishing for everyday things.

I feel ya though, it is long. Good long, in my opinion. :) These guys are totally blowing up in New Orleans, just opened a new office/studio!

Jeff said...

It was shot nice but it felt very repetitive. First shots with no talking. Then many of the same people saying their names. Then we get to the question. And the blank transition supers were distracting. And once the answers started there was no hook making me want to see 50 answers.

Anonymous said...
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