Friday, August 28, 2009

Clap your hands

Remember how stressed out you got during that scene in Peter Pan (I think) when all the fairies were dying?! And then Pete saunters in and is all "just clap your hands and say you believe in fairies!" and it was all cool again? Who would not want to be that guy!? What a bad ass. Or at least be someone who's a part of starting the chorus of hand clapping and believing in fairies hollerin'. Are you picking up this sophisticated metaphor?

When I think about the state of cities like St. Louis, I get all questiony! Ack! I have so many questions! No one can answer them. Seriously, I cannot find answers. So I will eventually have to answer them myself.

Do I know how?
**especially since I no longer live in St. Louis?**

Nope. But I'll figure something out.

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