Monday, August 17, 2009

David Letterman and Alicia Keys

Since I have still not decided upon divorcing my new media marketing/urban planning blog from my self-self blog, indulge me. Consider these windows into the inner-workings of the lori! They're like blog outtakes. AND now I will no longer make excuses for liking the stuff i like and reading the stuff i read and watching the stuff I watch. *

So, these are two couples (one both unlikely, odd and not-actually-a-couple-couple but still) that will make you love everything.

Ed & Ginny!

(obsessed with their sultry georgia wedding WHOA)

and Dave & Alicia
(Were you ever...lonely? hehe dave)

I would love to have a Kathy Griffin esque dinner with these people and ask them many questions about how they are so awesome.

*for more stuff i like, TUMBLR -- it's blowing up like, every day

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