Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coastal Pandering

ok, so I support John Edwards. This is not a political blog, but y'all know how I get when the coastal lands trump us flyover folks. Represent, democratic candidates! (literally)

So, Obama pandered to the geeks at Google recently.

What's he doin' visiting Google when he should be BBQing with Iowa and New Hampshire constituents? Why is he spending his money like that?!?

I see why some of my sis's Edwards supporters call him "me too" Obama. I joined a national broadband group in facebook back in MAY of 2007...and the first link on that? John's.

If Obama spends his dough on flying to all 3 of his "coastal" (West Coast, East Coast and Chicago) buddies, flying over the midwest and south while Edwards pets a dog in a barn in Iowa or builds a house in NOLA, then I'm not looking forward to Obama's priorities if he gets to the oval office like I am looking forward to Edwards'. Gah!

"The basis of a strong democracy is a diverse and dynamic media. It's time to take away the corporate media bullhorn and let America's many voices be heard." – John Edwards

I want the race to be Clinton, Edwards and Biden. I love Biden, he is such a rogue. I also like how he answers the stooopid debate questions ("would you support any of these candidates if they won the nomination? is that EVEN a question!) like he's George Clooney at a press junket. I believe his answer to that question was, "heck no!"

I'm tired of the major news places only talking about clinton v. obama. So Obama gave a great speech at the convention in 04 -- public speaking is not the make or break it issue for me, (there are other issues I care about more) so i just sorta want him to step off.

I'm no good at this angry political stuff. These debates-a-makin' me crazy! I just don't want a non-dem in the oval office...oh dear.

Mostly, I'm just mad that there's a Barack fundraiser at Joe's tonight.

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