Sunday, April 27, 2008

(Grocery) list

I just got back from Schnucks.
I was listening to "baby all the time" (a song I downloaded just b/c it was written in the 40's by an alumni of Mask and Wig, an all-male comedy group of which I was quite the fan in college) and it was just making me oh so sentimental. Probably because I've been reading all this Belz poetry stuff. I love it! It's so awesomely sappy but totally not at all. It's what I would write if I were a poet, and I'm not. But oh, if I were! Lucky for me, Mr. Belz has me covered. I am so bummed that he is moving away, and I don't even know the guy.*

In the interest of keeping up with life and stuff, this has been a week of robust kookiness.

List of the week:

  • Earth day with Molly, the sportsprint girl and tshirt/sticker co-conspirator
  • Saw Urinetown at WashU
  • presented with Britany, my mentee at urban future about "the importance of high school preparation for teens." Brittany rules.
  • found out someone I knew not-too-but-somewhat-distantly was shot and killed
    • immediately became SUPER worried that everyone I know&love could get shot at anytime
    • I think I may still be a little worried about that still/forever, so whatever
    • yuck.
  • Mayor Swoboda is OK! He can talk and everything! what a blessing.
  • have been slowly admitting to loved ones that I'm in High Fidelity, the musical
  • beginning to talk about coworking with others is awesome
  • couldn't find Snowflake - AGAIN. Very embarrassing loss of direction abilities
  • rediscovered that the Vital Voice is sortof an awesome newspaper
  • - like a JV rft, but in the best way imaginable. In the way that they can cover things that wouldn't be glitzy enough for the RFT, but that I want to know about! i.e. I found out that Spruill's still exists! Though I will probably never ever go b/c I basically can't.
  • Found out that Randall's has pastis
  • went dancing at Casa was super packed and a v. good time. yay swing dancing. I'm comin on 10 years I've been going to that place...whoa.
  • raspberry hefeweisen! (schlafly brewers have a blog??!)
  • encouraged one of my best friends to move away and get married (it's insane that it would come to that)
  • went to a baseball game and stayed the WHOLE time!
  • hi celia! do you guys know celia? she is so cool AND she reads the MVG!
  • talked a lot about arm-touching and its significance
  • The Hat Mart appeared in the Kirkwood-Webster times! eerie.
  • The feature article in this week's Sauce is awesome (but not online?). I heart this Edwardsville couple. Their quote about how anyone can pick up the equity on their house and move somewhere cool, but that they'd rather try staying an making Edwardsville cool really rang true to me in a lot of ways.
  • found the perfect shoe
  • had a really good cheeseburger at tiffany's
  • ugh, can that be it, please?
I understand now why I like to spread out the posts.
I'm sure there's more I'll remember later, and hopefully I'll have the sense to post as it happens/occurs to me instead of in a ridiculous list! To everything there is a season.

Grocery list:
4 ramen 10-packs
2 yogurts
hawaiian bread
swiss cheese
2 boxes of instant oatmeal
(would've been pastis, but no surprise, Schnucks doesn't have it)

*full disclosure, I think I saw someone that looked like the sketch-portrait on his blog get off a bus on South Grand once. Is that weird?, I think it might be. Oh well!


Team Botanical said...

Regarding your note at the bottom ... it is weird when you see bloggers out in the wild. I actually saw you at an Urban Future session a few weeks ago, but was like, nah ... couldn't be. But this post confirms it. Small world.

Since this comment seems to be getting creepier by the minute, hi, I'm Debbie.

Lolololori said...

Hey lady! If you're creepy, I'm creepier, so let's just not worry about that. oh my goodness, I just saw that you link to me on your blog. wow, thanks!
Anyway, I'm so glad I know you exist now. If you ever see me again (and you probably will b/c this is St. Louis) say Hi!

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