Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This is hilarious. And wonderful.

"In fact, there are some interesting things on that blog, including a cameo by local civic treasure The Ubiquitous Lori White."

And kindof embarassing (since it was a plug for my friend Ryan's writing workshop!) -- but in a good way.
So, I love 52nd city's blog - they're really achieving what they set out to do, b/c it has really brought some great things into my life - and I just can't plug them enough. Thomas Crone et al, I salute you.

Had no idea that just being friendly could be so noteworthy. It's easy to be a civic treasure! Everyone should try.

(Note, I'm still not a big deal. Just the same, let it not be forgotten that I am the #11 resource on "The Bend and Snap" on the ENTIRE INTERNET -- according to the The Google. )

Also, please sign up to Ryan's writing workshop! He is a very lovely and sharp fella and I he'll be in the next issue of 52nd interviewing his grandpa. The issue's theme? Sexy.

Color me intrigued.

On a related note - have you done your part to SAVE JOE'S yet?

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