Sunday, December 21, 2008

AMAZING open mic, Cafe Soul's first comedian - Scott

My pal, Scott (better known to the masses as H. Alan Scott) PERFORMED AT CAFE SOUL LAST FRIDAY NIGHT. OMG.

He is the coolest! Also, DJ Needles was PMA (Pretty Much Amazing) that evening as well. Mr. Needles will be at the Upstairs Lounge (and therefore so will I) on December 26th starting at 10pm. I might get there closer to 11, let's be honest.

Cafe Soul was at Lucas School house for the last night tonight...LSH is CLOSING! :( ... so if you have an event space that's big enough for some amazing talent, you should probably email cafesoulstl at and claim this WONDERFUL evening for yourself. Or you should just email them to tell them that they are awesome. OR MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO TO THE NEXT ONE B/C IT IS AMAZING. sorry, shouting.

Anyway, back to Scott... He'll be at Bill Chott's Improv Jam on the 23rd at the Mad Art Gallery. Scott talks about it (more or less) here.

Bill Chott is great. He is a Good St. Louisan. (also, he has met Dana Carvey & MORE!) He teaches comedy classes on Cherokee Street. He puts on some great comedy Monday nights at Atomic Cowboy, too. YOU SHOULD GO. WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN YOU THERE? sorry, shouting again.

Laughter will be home for Christmas. Well, it's always home, but moreso now for the holidays. I went last year (i wore purple) to the Comedy Improv Jam at Mad Art and actually *won* a raffle and got a coffee mug (a travel one!)...this should let you know just how magical it will be.

Come to think of it, last time I was at a Bill Chott hosted thing - everyone's fav poet/person GAVE me a book! Maybe you will be next to tangentially get something free (besides laughs, which are, i hear, the best medicine) at a Bill Chott event. Maybe, b/c I have not seen you, I am getting YOUR free things! Don't let that happen.

B/c I will take them anyway and not even text you about it.

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blythe said...

Lo -- I think the best part of that video is hearing you laugh. Did H. Alan tell you he rocked Steamboat? Cause he did.

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