Sunday, December 07, 2008

sam & dave

Sam & Dave
The Menahan St. band record spin dance at Halo after the Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings performance was... nothing short of transcendent.

...and if you look closely at the above photo, you'd probably guess (correctly) that a good deal of that transcendence is owed to Vintage Vinyl, from whence the dudes gleefully returned mid-set with a familiar, santa-claus-on-xmas-eve-full brown paper satchel. Thank heaven the daptone boys don't know about the record exchange. (who am I kidding, they probably do, but just couldn't walk there) Look out bloomington indiana, they're coming for your records ...soon!

I'd also recommend hiding your women, as they are rakish and distant, but most significantly, boys can dance! What to play, how to dance to it. thank you.

So I had some good dances.

Do I need to summarize that it was a good night? it was a salve! an antidote! a remedy to many first-world troubles. It will save the economy. Almost makes up for missing Eli, too.

Adding to the daptone charm (aside from SHARON in general - I, like Annie Z of the RFT, would like to be her when I grow up) was their bongo player Fernando's beverage of choice all evening (including onstage) - SCHLAFLY! He said he always drinks local. Class act.

Also, I got some 45s for my jukebox! SCORE. I am cautiously overjoyed with life.

Fun fact: One of my mom's best friends named her twin boys Sam & Dave.

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