Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Slipped right through my fingers

St. Louis - A to Z - Tonight! Eli "Paperboy" Reed vs. the Pink Spiders

OH Lord I am crying a million tears that I missed Eli "Paperboy" Reed!!!! At off broadway !!??!!?!

Listen to the man sing in a laundromat, and perhaps empathize with my sorrow.

(sporting, of course, my second favorite retro sidepart)

Whyyyyyyyyyy. First I miss the Dap Kings at The Duck Room, and now... shame. I am seriously so mad.

A lesson to me that I must be more vigilant in noticing when my top 5 favorite artists go to one of my top 3 music venues. May it be a lesson to you. Don't be like me! It's painful.

Did anyone reading this go? I apologize for the whining.

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