Saturday, October 04, 2008


Leave it to the Dutch to think outside the box. Thanks to the new blogs over at St. Louis Mag (specifically Stefene's post) - just found out about a little dutch art show all about the heartland...that giant vein around the mississippi. The cats down at boots are involved, bless their heart(land).

HEARTLAND - programme:
"While not an official region, what Mark Twain once called the ‘body of the nation’ encompasses for us the area roughly in the middle of the United States, linked by the symbolic Mississippi River. Ranging from New Orleans in the south, up to Minneapolis in the West and Detroit in the East, this cultural melting pot has brewed much of the country’s social, religious and racial activism. The presence of the Mississippi River has dominated its his- tory being the carrier of different moments of migration, industrialization and struggle."

Don't tell me you don't agree! Seriously, don't tell me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lori! Thanks for your comment, because now I have found your blog, which is fabulous & going into my bookmarks asap. -Stefene

Lolololori said...

Haha, thanks, S! So glad to have you around -- I love your writing, let it be no secret! Keep it up with the fiery St. Louis pride. :)

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