Monday, October 06, 2008

So this is exciting....

... for me at least!

I don't usually talk explicitly about my work (I work as a new media coordinator at Moosylvania Marketing) -- though if you've happened by here once or twice you've probably caught wind that I like to write about new media and it's place in my world...and I'm sure it doesn't take much brain stretching to guess that my world somewhat revolves around St. Louis.

Which is why I'm excited to tell you that the start-up I've been working on for quite a number of months now -- ---

---- got a mention in Joe Bonwich's "Off the Menu" blog!

Here's a quote:
"Rolling out today is something called, basically a restaurant search site but one with built-in couponing. So say you’re looking for a place to have lunch — you type in your zip code, qualify if desired by the type of food you want, tell it how far you’re willing to drive and add a price range. What comes back is both a list of potential restaurants and a set of freebies, reduced prices and coupons applicable to restaurants in the specified area."
Joe gets it. Hello, you can get 10% off lunch at Revival on mealchime. You can get others deals.... but let's return to Revival. Have you HAD the Derby Pie there? Hello? It is amazing.

Read the rest of Joe's "off the menu" blogpost about MealChime here.

I've been following a pretty fair amount of St. Louis food blogs while working (hungrily) on the site, and his is definitely on my top 5 that aggregate all the food goings on about town (with gut check and sauce mag's gossip page up there, too).

If you're into restaurant ups and downs, or just like to find new places and goad others into taking you (not that I do that, oh no. oh wait. )...or if you just like finding new reasons to back up your thesis that there's a friggin' ton of things going on in st. louis (not that i have a thesis like that...oh wait. I do.)...look no further than those blogs above! If you're trying to figure out a place to eat based on price or type of food ...try mealchime and let me know how it works for ya. is due to be blogging soon, (we're on twitter, though!) but in the meantime -- if you see anything you think should change, be fixed, whatever on the site -- you know where to find me! In the comments here, on twitter, e-mail (lori.e.white at gmail), wherever! Be brutal.

If you've read this blog like, once, you can imagine just how exciting and fulfilling it is for me to be working on a web project in St. Louis -- and I would love feedback from you, my (5) readers.



Melody said...

Congrats on your new project! I was poking around on the site and loved it!

Lolololori said...

Oh my, thanks! (and thanks for your comment!) It's definitely a work in progress, but we're workin' hard!

I just hope it saves some folks some money and gives restaurants a cheaper way to keep on truckin, y'know?

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