Monday, October 27, 2008

Loosen up St. Louis! Cooper Moore is comparing you to swedes.

The cooper-moore show (c/o of The Josh Weinstein) last night at Joe's Cafe (!) was equal parts awesome and overly-grave-seriousness. Though the audience took itself for rather serious intellectual-types (we got compared to BRITISH PEOPLE...and SWEDES! And not for good reasons -- like universal healthcare...oh snap!) and there was nooooo drinking (though excuse me for just a minute while I stand up for the "i drink but it doesn't make me lame, loud, or impolite" faction)...things got slightly lively/hopeful/wonderful towards the end.

Still the literal/figurative sobriety was just not fitting. I get it, audience. You're serious. You're smart. You read. You listen. Your work is done now. Have some (non-neighbor resentment fueling) fun! I believe. Part of what I really liked about prior visits to the place was the people you'd meet (easily). I have faith that exuberance will return.

So, C-M was bebop-tastic and sortof awesomely insane, and to be honest, I got a little he-vaguely-reminds-me-of-my-dad-if-my-dad-were-from-a-crazy-parallel-beatnik-universe vibe there.

Those who were there will remember his lil' story about lightening striking his childhood home and melting fire onto the walls...I, too, have seen lightening inside a farmhouse (it went through the light fixture and into the beans!), though not to such dramatic effect. Me and C-M are kindred spirits (sorta)! The mark of a good storyteller, wouldn't you think?

Anyway, I get excited when folks sing acapella gospel (it's a thing), so I attempted to catch the closing number -- this to some slight dramatic effect.

Fast forward to the end to briefly see me getting pulled into the "action."

(most likely due to a personal vow to always join in to songs at complete and full volume when prompted - thus I am transformed in to "that girl" once again! woo! Jumping up and down! Let's do this! I'm so happy, happy to be alive!)

Proprietor, Bill C., mentioned that he considered making his establishment a church, b/c one) it used to BE a church, and 2) dancing would then be legal (dancing's not legal, you ask? There's a weird cabaret law -- i think, I don't know for sure *note to self to find a link* -- that makes it hard to get a license if you allow dancing. WTF, i know. I don't get it either. At least not enough to get why the law/ordinance still exists).

If dancing is illegal (Footloose, anyone?), I am guilty as charged.

I don't really know HOW it came to be that I was informed that this event was a'happening (such things are possible), but I'm glad I was. It was cool.


heathropolis said...

It's true. According to the 1947 Dance Halls ordinance in the Revised Code of the City of Saint Louis,

"All public dances shall be discontinued and public dance halls and ballrooms shall be closed not later than one am.; provided, however, that the director of public safety may grant special permits for dance halls or ballrooms to remain open until a later hour on special occasions..."


"Provided further that any dance hall or public dance located within an establishment possessing a valid "3:00 a.m. closing permit" issued under Chapter 14.28 of this code may remain open during those hours when the establishment may legally serve alcoholic beverages."

Footloose is exactly what I thought about when I first learned of this ordinance. I used to throw warehouse parties (raves), and when I met with the Director of Public Safety to do it legit, this law is what he pointed to to say "no". We threw our parties anyway...

Lolololori said...

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU. I was just thinking that I should look this up.

It is crazy. I guess I kinda get what this ordinance is trying to prevent, but there's gotta be a better way. It's also kinda hard to tell what it MEANS.

I wonder what it would take to reboot the Code of the City. Shouln't be a hassle at all, right?

That 3am situation DOES explain why I am always moving chairs off of dance floors on Blues row.

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