Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"a nuclear WESSEL!"

I heard that , and I knew...It's the WHALE ONE! Who doesn't love spock swimmin' with the whales who like, talk to outer space?!?

Mamma surely educated me better in the school of Star Trek, but I just got really excited b/c hey, its the whale one. The one we all know, remember and love. Added bonus - Captain Kirk's love affair with the mom from 7th heaven.

In other news, the new Amy Winehouse+Mark Ronson video just came out. Aside from the crazy abdomens, these ladies look cute! And look at Mark's hair - I am lovin' the JFK side part.

UPDATE: durrr, the video embed is down, but go here to watch it!

Mark's got the right idea, and the right ladies to back him up, fo' sho. I would also totally go to that club. This 60's retro formal funky lighthearted dark aesthetic that Mark+Lilly+Amy have been brave enough to adopt is nothing short of awesome. I have my theories, and like to ponder about brits being able to more easily move into and appropriate american soul music genres than actual americans can/do/try...does this make sense to you? Think about the beatles and chuck berry -- would any group of white teenagers in the US dared to touch that stuff?

Maybe. Maybe brits get more exposure. Maybe it's all just cool and colorful and great.

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