Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am awesome

Did you know this?

So I'm prone to these funny (to you?) moments where I find myself in ameila bedelia/nutty professor-like predicaments. Life is so silly and it will play many jokes on you if you let it.

So, I was lucky enough to get some tickets to this shindig tonight - I'm taking my 2 favorite sisters -- who together straddle the political and funky/prim spectrums -- but they're both cool, savvy and have a knack for formal wear. Did I mention that they're funny? They're like bizzaro version of me and my sister. There are a couple other respectable kids I'd like to join me as well, an old AP science class buddy and a fellow funky Marc Broussard fan are in the running. I'd also like to call in the swing dancers (the ones who dress nice) -- the Dock Ellis band's playing, and they've got some danceable rhythms happenin'--- the ones that aren't that choo-choo train rhythm...still - workable.

Anyway. So I snag some invites and promptly lose them w/in 24 hours. Like, monsters-under-the-refridgerator lose them.

So I search for them for about 2 days -- in the process I found a long lost glue gun, a b'thousand white envelopes, but not THE one with MY purple tickets. In the interest of not losing my sanity and finding my pride - I decide... just get more tickets, or like a marker or something from the owner/organizer of said event. His name's Steven.

So I call the bar, talk to someone there, and after a little phone loop....yes! 4 tickets for me!

Fast forward to later that evening - after a funny little dinner/meeting/chat (& wasabi mashed potatoes -- zing!) with a client I'm "consulting" (sounds too pretentious w/o the quotes), I stop by the bar and ask for the tickets.

Rose, the lovely bartender who recently got some great highlights, hands me an envelope -- relief! the tickets are mine!

-- wait.

Empty envelope. ?

Sigh. Inquiries about invisible tickets...can I get a marker? Will the envelope do? Rose runs in some circles for me, etc... Lucky for me, Rose is kind and tells me not to worry -- she's working, I'll get in. Will my friends? I'm feeling a little trepidation. Will there be door drama? I really had my fair share of that at some shady frat and club houses back at the U of P and I'm sortof done. I mean, I'm a devil-may-care ragamuffin, but gotsta keep it respectable and worthy of my sparkly blue dress (which is awesome).

So, l much like the silly and pointless plot-twists of Timeline or Saving Silverman (don't get me started on Young Einstein), though maybe not quite as absurd -- this is the sortof story I really like telling, it just feels goofy to be a star in it. Meh, everything will be great!

& tonight should be a riot; I'm really looking forward to it and I'm so glad I get to bring my sisters ... one just moved back to St. Louis from Memphis/summer work in Michigan, and I'm trying to cajole her into jumping on the StL is awesome bandwagon. She's got a good mix of classy(gets it from her older sister) and funky that I find to be key.

Tonight should be clutch.

Gotta go plan my accessories.

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