Wednesday, October 24, 2007

too much to do this thursday

Its not easy to overwhelm me with things to do.

This thursday (Oct 25 aka tomorrow) - color me overwhelmed. St. Louis is being a serious credit to itself lately.

October 25 - A List:
-Priority: Rockabilly-ish "Gauchos" playing at Joes at 9pm
-Starting at like, 7pm, Metropolis is doing The Walk in the Lemp district ! I havn't visited the milk store in a while, and I've always wanted to go to O'Malleys! Durr!
- Drinks&Mortar at Zach's at 8pm. Another bar and another event I've never been to! Sounds like a cool scene and good conversatin'.
- Also, the Royale's having some "Drinking Liberally" thing at 9pm, which sounds hilarious and also like a v. good idea. I have a feeling I might have to get in a few fights w/ some obamaheads, so maybe I'll just opt out of that.

aaaand, I just told my high school BFF I'd meet her for drinks!
(i'm sure I'm missing something, if you can believe it)

Maybe its a good thing every night isn't like this in the StL b/c I'd go crazy. Nah. Every night can be like this. I love rolling to a million places all over the city - I'd do it for Penn&philly events/performances all through school and wow.

Next up, city museum b-day, art-attacks at some boxing gym (i think, I've never been....exciting!) and a myriad other things! So many opportunities to dress up, too. Lordy, and the moon is full!

This is wonderful.

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