Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm ok with the anarchists - i guess

... as long as they don't try to be all haughty about Missouri Sweet Corn not being the best corn on the planet or about how Quakers are bad.

I'm glad I read up on the Black Bear Bakery - I think my first experience with anarchists deep in the streets of West Philadelphia -- its a visit I oughtta tell you about -- sortof soured me to the whole ethic. Hello, don't talk about how jersey sweet corn is better than Missouri's to a Former East Prarie Sweet Corn Cutie! (I will find you that picture...that's for the soon to be great scan spectactular of October 2007)

However, now, eh, I'm feelin' the power to the people bread-bakin' stl anarchy vibes....not that I'm turning anarchist, kids!

Far from it. Just not as far as I thought.

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