Monday, September 24, 2007

Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.

- Kurt Vonnegut

So, I've been chilling with my grandma a fair amount lately. I'm so lucky to be living in town with her -- I just wanna put her in my pocket. I'm trying to convince her to make my mom, me, my sister and herself matching dresses for Christmas. Can you even imagine? 3 generations, one dress - magic! So silly.

This WWII series on PBS gets me thinkin' - about her, me...and, stuff.

Makes me wanna throw a clog at some heads!

Now, grandma says that we kids don't need to worry about our community when we have our careers to concern us -- but I look at what she and my grandpa did as far as community organizations and just general coaching of baseball teams and leading of girl scout troops (my grandma's a girl-scouting rockstar...I bet she still could make a whole meal from like, stuff gathered in the woods, and would think nothing of it) and I'm thinkin' she was being humble and wise, and perhaps a little unintentionally self-deprecating.

It all just makes the quest for the greatest moijito, the perfect quilted clutch and/or the StL bar that exudes "new york/chicago cool" (whatEVER that is!?!?!) seem just a little silly.

How anyone can see what's going on and not be inspired -- even if its just sending inspired good vibes locally?

Gotsta do good for grandma.

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