Sunday, September 16, 2007

this valley girl gets political

I want to say I don't usually like to take sides much, but as much as I wanna say it - it ain't true! I love taking sides, and I've taken one. In the words of one of my hero's, Jonathan Antin of BravoTV's "BlowOut" -- "...and most importantly, he had perfect hair."

You'll look over to the right there and you'll see John Edwards, a man I'm hoping will be the anti-Clinton/Obama come primary time. Sure, if I think I know who you are, you probably know that my sister is working hard for Mr. JRE in Ottumwa, IA (did I tell you that I met a lady at Starbucks whose entire family was from Ottumwa!? It was zany.)--- but hey, I recently decided that I like Sen. Edwards just for him, and not due to the fact that he's feeding, health-caring, and otherwise keeping my baby sis busy up north. That's nice of him, though!

Basically, I'm tired of corporate politicians, or more specifically politicians run by machines that I don't like. John Edwards(with the possible addition of Biden) seems to be the only guy/gal in the race who's ready to stick it to the man, and who keeps it real.

So far, he's got my vote, whatever his haircut looks like.
Let's see what I can do to get him some more publicity here in the StL - I'm v. v. tired of hearing about Barack.

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