Monday, September 24, 2007

Makes me wondah

Some people are funny. I wish he'd do the second single - the one that rhymes "bed" with "dead" and whose video makes no sense at all, but seems to be some copycat of that one beastie boys video where they wear mustaches and act like cops. Lots of freeze frames, it was cool.

I found this lil' video courtesy of this gent - he lives in a town called New Orleans. He runs a little operation for which I have a great deal of respect. He's an operation running kindof guy, and I like his worldview. I think it is spot on.

I also like his operation's tshirts - though they seem to make people think I'm from New Orleans. Wouldn't be the first time, strangely enough. At school in Philly, everyone seemed to hear "New Orleans" when I said I was from "St. Louis." I'm thinking it was mostly b/c they were from the east coast and get the flyover cities mixed up - it happens. (I even got calls from friends --and seriously bless their hearts -- asking if I was ok after Katrina)

I, myself, know the difference between StL, and say, NOLA -- still, I know some similarities...feel'em at least. I think that's sortof funny, spooky, awesome... powerful, even -- this mississippi river valley connection -- and I'm not the only one drawing this conclusion.

StL, Memphis (where I learned to walk!), NOLA - we should talk.

There's a lot to talk about.

Now lets looks at a cat driving a car!!

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