Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Marc Broussard doesn't care what flowers mean

Seeing Marc Broussard at Mississippi Nights was a defining moment in my life. For real! His voice always makes me remember how important it is to just run with it. Be young, talented and importantly, be sure you know how funky life can be. I know, Marc!

Marc does justice to this Louisiana Soul vibe (while he still leaves it with a distinct Marc-ness) the way I'd like to do justice to the important things in my life. A lot of people would be afraid to tackle that genre, or lifestyle or position, or whatever. Not Marc, b/c he's got the love! He has come in from the cold, and he's invited me! Am I overreaching, turning Marc's musicality into a metaphor for life? Well, if I believe in the metaphor in the first place, then yeah I am, and in the words of Marc at his last concert, "Ya'll don't even know how funky this sh*t is!"

*This* being life, music, or whatever. (I just watched an Alan Watts short made by the south park animators that's all about dancing to the music of life... I'm annoying the practical cowboy in my brain with all this new wavey business...just listen to marc, and feel me out here)

I believe this is one of his originals (come on, new album, as much as I loved his collection of old soul classics) -- and if you'll allow me a moment of girliness, don't his biceps look really good?

You know what else I like about Marc Broussard? I think I heard somewhere that he promised his grandpa that he'd only write/perform/sing, etc... music that was positive about love/life/etc... no James Morisson "I know I've never bought you flowers - I can't work out what they mean." crap! Don't get me started on that song. You know that girl dumped his british patoot. You don't write a soul song about being afraid of love! It makes my mind explode a bit. Ah, I'm listening to him now and I wanna punch him in the face. Its love you idiot, and even though you seem to think it possible, girls don't like it when you call them from your heart, especially when you tell them, you're willing to "give them a try."
I'm sure, like she's a dinner special? Oh, the salisbury steak? Sure, I'll give it a try.
See, look at me. A little e-mind explosion.

Marc doesn't care about knowing what flowers mean, and I respect that. You see what Mr. Broussard's voice'll do to a girl? Geez. Next thing you know, I'll be talking about Nick Cassavetes and The Notebook, and the power of believing in love.... so, I'll stop there -- but just for now.

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