Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where the news comes first?

My cousin and I like to say that baby boomers are ruining our country. Ok, fine - so its not the actual baby boomers lets say - but whatever's goin' on in some of their minds is makin' me a little angry.

First, the whole 407 E. Argonne -- we hardly knew ye ballyhoo, and now -- Newschannel 5's shut down PubDef on youtube??!?! What is up with The Man, and why can't he not hate, but appreciate? Concerning this Channel 5 business, is it suspicious that this happens just as they're rolling out a new online video center ... or is it just me? I'm no conspiracy theorist and I really hate to be a drama nerd, but there are things that make ya go, "Hmmm" - and this is making me do just that. What is UP with the 4th estate these days?


To think I once memorized that cheezy christmas song they had in commercials as I dreamed of cameramen coming to my school so I could do the "5-1" hand signal!


So ----- humble a weapon as it may be -- certainly nothing compared to shutting down channel 5 news...a comparable rebuff -- it's letter/email time!

Here's the email I've sent to KSDK (and you can bet they'll be getting a stamped envelope with an actual, satisfactual paper letter copy, too! Snailmail represents, goodbye 41 cents.)

Subject: PubDef, Youtube and the news I trust(ed)

I just heard about your channel's part in the removal of the entirety of's videos from YouTube.

Imagine how many viewers you could've gained to your programs if you'd partnered with Pub Def and given their meticulously local newsmaking a wider audience - paired with your station's reputation and corporate news know-how, what a match it could've been!

Imagine a dialogue complete with criticism as well as praise. Sounds like great news to me.

I'm saddened that instead you've chosen to remove the videos - pushing aside any hope of compromise or even creativity -- and completely shut down what could've been an incredibly rich, comprehensive and fascinating dialogue and really great news.

Would you rethink this? Could you? Have you? You'll have regained this once loyal viewer if you do. We're all better than this YouTube bullying -- especially when the action you've taken is to the detriment of actual, satisfactual NEWS --- news which I recall, comes first at KSKD.

I wish you'd think about what you're saying by not saying anything.

Lori White



The Scott Blog said...

I always wanted to do a 5-1 hand signal, but instead the only Channel 5 coverage I ever got was a shot of me walking away from the Salvation Army building down town. Ho hum!

Mike said...

They probably took it down cause it's their video. They have the rights to it, it's not that person's property to publish on YouTube. If you created a valuable product in life yo wouldn't want it in other people's hands unless they were entitled to it. Think about it genius!

Lolololori said...

You're right, Mike - I probably would not want my creations in other people's hands unless they gave me my propers. Still - there's gotta be some sort of happy medium that doesn't just close off the conversation altogether. That's what I think after thinking about it.

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