Tuesday, October 23, 2007

bullet points

I must chronicle something for you, though I cannot do it justice in prose (yet...maybe?)

- The Royale Coronation was really fun! I of course forgot to take any pictures of myself, and so far my efforts at poaching on Flickr have come up pretty short. Sigh. Hm, Free Candy ought to think about turning to Clownvis Prestley for some mic technique tips...he had it down if I may put in my 2 cents. Must've been in choir like yours truly in high school/church. I couldn't decide if I liked that he sang Dixie.

Also, what up with the underwear doki doki only sold in Chicago stores? I don't usually jeer amateur stage guests out loud, but I gotta say I'm not ashamed I jeered that lady. Online isn't the same! I'm sure she just meant that the line was coming soon to the myriad stores that could carry it here in the StL...and I misheard her. Pardon me, in that case.

Jeers as well to those who took the "formal wear strongly encouraged" in an IRONIC way - thus sporting unserioius t-shirts, ties and general brooklyn icono-hipster-i-couldn't-care-less chic. Boo! Sincerity is the new ironic, didn'tcha know?

I suppose Schaper and I spent a fair amount of time griping (me about no dance floor ....wtf! though I did move a table... and her about other things) aloud, but it was all in good fun. A v. lovely event/excuse to dress up more than usual, so I actually have no gripes. I was griping a lot just then.

- I cannot WAIT for the City Museum's 10th birthday -- it will be fun! And another reason to dress up. Do you think I already know what I'm wearing? B/c if you thought I did you'd be right.

- I went to the Old Rock House (dance floor heaven) to see the Jessica Butler trio/usual suspects and it was a riot. A bartender got up and sang "If I Ain't Got You" and I hung out w/ someone who could very well be Steve-O's bizzarro self....or his like, long lost twin. Steve-O II took me to hear this band practicing, and I stuck around and got to possibly be one of the first people to hear a country song about how everything at Cracker Barrel's made in China. It was sortof hilarious, and it still is a shame that I had to get up the next day at 4am (starbucks, ouch). There were many highlights of this evening, not the least of them being Emmylou the cool saggitarian lady I met. Cool name. I owe this evening a better post laters....with less "I." I also met a guitar-playing nurse who went to high school with my neighbor. The catholic school boys are everywhere.

-I went to Five with my cousins! And my mom. We were a truly silly 5some. How appropriate, I didn't even realize until now! I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed that I'm related to cool people other than my grandma, who is cool in a different way. I definitely got in trouble for assuming that "sweetbreads" were, "like dougnuts, right?" Like I'm supposed to know fine dining euphemisms.

-After Five, I went to see Kathy Griffin at UMSL (whoa north county) and she was Kathy Griffin, and v. funny. I wanted to change her outfit the whole night....still, she was a funny lady. Such a storyteller. Is that an Irish thing? I should look into being more irish.

....Ok, I've gotta go get ready for my UrbanFuture info session...finally. I have been a scheduling nightmare to myself trying to get to this thing.

I'm excited about many things this coming week...October in St. Louis is awesome.

UPDATE: I found a good one.

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