Sunday, October 14, 2007

Curtis "Twinkle Toes" O'Rourke

I really want everyone to know - I have re-named my car. This truly ritzy Corrolla now has a name befitting of its heritage (and driver side door that you can only open from the outside).

He who used to be Zac Efron (star of High School Musical and teen sensation) is now named after the irish vaudeville showman of my imagination -- I made him up one evening while driving west somewhere near Hampton and hwy 44. A magical spot, no doubt.

I do this with pets, too - they get the preliminary name, and then the real name reveals itself organically through kismet and the right song on the radio -- i.e. through magic. This happened with Nugget "the wonder kitty" (previously "Kitty" -- my sister's name), my new cat Bubbles (previously Ann Margaret/Captain Von Trapp) and now, same with Twinkle Toes O'Rourke.

I am totally excited! I also like that his given name is Curtis. He is a tough guy with a heart of gold.

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