Thursday, December 04, 2008

ok fine

So "Suddenly, Senior (Matt Klapper, Your Emails)" has been going *slightly* viral on the facebook - at least between the singing/dancing/comedian/ridiculous set of "intellectuals" I spent 4 or so years with back in college...and far be it from me to deny this nugget to those not tuned into my facebook news feed (as so many are!).

Alex, Spencer, Megan and I wrote this little reworking of the alan menken classic, Suddenly Seymour, for the performing arts night during out last week at school. This is the result.

It's basically college in a nutshell -- a song and dance nutshell. (the best kind!)

Suddenly, Senior from lori white on Vimeo.

3 things for those of y'all who weren't lucky enough to be UPenn Quakers so you can laugh, too: Shatte is a psych professor everyone was inexplicably in love with (my guess is he was brain ninja), "Bursar" is the student ID card checking account a lot of rich kids parents paid for, and Matt Klapper was our class president -- and therefore sent us a LOT of emails (and they totally provided sweet understanding). For further insight, please refer to the IM conversation (magically saved!) from whence this song sprang.


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thank you! I come from a long line of singing Methodists.

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