Friday, November 07, 2008

Connoisseur of Fine Farms

I come from a long line of farmers. Though my family in particular has moved to more urban pursuits (re: me and my California mom --- whose grandparents were also farmers in Indiana long before she was born) - my time hanging out amongst the soybeans and apple trees, showing my grandma the Paula Abdul jazz dances I learned on the oak lined front yard of my father's family farm house, watching the setting sun with my grandfather as it cast a silhouette on the pecan tree that has grown on the family's land for over a century -- is big part of me, it's the small town southern kid that I was for a fair chunk of the beginning of my life.

(to say nothing of the endless supply of kittens that came with that farm, oh my gosh I LOVED that)

Anyway, there's STILL a farm in the historical streetcar suburb of Ferguson and my pal Molly really wants folks to know all about it, so you know what? She decided to do something about it. she decided to have a bad ass party (tomorrow starting at 6)! I'm going, and so should you.

Check out this sassy lady talking about her farm -- when she says she guesses she was "born to be a hoosier"...oh man, that is a magical st. louis moment.

details here

see you there.

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